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Clairvoyance & Spirit Life Coaching
Art therapy 
Sacred energy healing

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Kirsten Shanks

Adv Dip Naturopathy, Dip Herb Med, Adv Dip Nutrition, 200hr YTA

Kirsten Shanks, founder of Orchard Street, is a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist committed to empowering clients and improving the quality of their lives in a supportive environment.

A comprehensive knowledge base interweaves evidence based naturopathic medicine with current scientific research to offer clients the very best opportunity to flourish. Specialising in digestive health conditions, the systemic effect of these on mental, emotional and physical wellbeing is often revealed. Kirsten draws upon various testing methods to reveal ecological or pathological imbalances which may be causing these- including candida and parasites. Working alongside clients to enhance detoxification pathways and restore digestive balance, Kirsten is passionate about awakening the vitality and true health that lies under a burdened body and mind.

The use of food as medicine is paramount to Kirsten’s clinical practice, guiding clients to nourish and heal with whole foods suited to their individual health needs.Also fundamental to most treatment protocols is the application of herbal medicines to support the body’s capacity to heal and restore balance. With a yogic background and a warm, empathic nature Kirsten creates a nurturing space for you to heal, flourish and grow.

Kirsten is currently not taking on any new clients. 

Erin Lovell Verinder

BHerbMed, AdvDipNutMed, DipEnergyHealing

Erin has brought over 13 wonderful years experience of working with health, healing and wellbeing to the clinic. Erin is a fully qualified Herbalist, Nutritionist, Energetic Healer and health expert, with a passion for pure and vibrant living. Her health care philosophy and approach to patient education is based on a holistic and supportive view to health, healing and wellbeing. Erin emphasises the importance of individualised treatment plans, & above all holds a deep respect for the wellness journey each client is on.

Erin is fascinated by how incredibly multi-dimensional health can be, through her studies and practice she recognises the link between dis-ease and emotions, and works with her skill base to bring practical awareness and education to each session. Working with Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Medicine & Energetic Medicine enables Erin to identify practical dietary and lifestyle tools that can support patients for long-term wellness.

Erin enjoys working in all aspects of health, with a particular key interest in digestive disorders & imbalances, deep custom cleansing, immune system deficiencies, chronic stress, womens health & paediatric support. Erin weaves modern clinical techniques such as functional testing & pathology testing when needed, with age old healing techniques such as Botanical Medicines, Ayurvedic practises, and Energetic Essences to deliver a whole high vibrational experience for your health.

Her patients describe her as a vibrant, supportive, empathic, grounded, and an informative veggie-loving food enthusiast who is deeply passionate for all aspects of health and wellbeing!

To make an appointment please call Erin on 0478 949 558 or email her at 

Jana Brunclikova

BHSc Naturopath. Advanced Diploma in Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy and Nutrition, Certified Raw Food Chef, Diploma in Remedial Massage, Metaphysics

Jana is renowned throughout Sydney for her calm, focused passion. Her patients travel miles for her knowledge and expertise and she is widely known for the deep and unique care she offers clients. Jana grew up in Eastern Europe and has a long relationship with herbs and their medicinal qualities which have been an important part of her life from a young age. Jana’s expertise includes the unique use of a naturopathic analytical tool, the Non-linear Scanning (NLS) Metatron.

As a part of each consultation, Jana creates for each of her customer high vibrational remedy (natural vaccine) which is based on frequencies of crystals and/or homeopatic remedies accordingly to each client metaphysical structure to support energetic healing. 

The Metatron is a non-invasive, safe and cost effective health research tool. It traces conditions in the body through changes in the resonance of tissues. Every object, small or large has its own individuaoscillation, vibrating at a different frequency from any other substance. The Metatron can detect and match the frequency of any human body part, cell, microbe, chemical or organ. Jana’s equipment is able to look deeply at all levels of the body including organs, tissue, cells, DNA, levels of particular disease, allergies, food sensitivities, pathogens and bacterium, enabling her to recommend treatment based on pinpointed data in addition to her naturopathic skills and experience. 

Jana’s knowledge and experience includes:

  • Metatron and metatherapy investigation and treatment
  • Nutritional and dietary advice, dietary plans
  • Metaphysics – spiritual healing methods
  • Herbal medicine and homeopathy
  • Living food
  • Remedial massage

To book a consultation with Jana ph: 0433610197, email: 



Anna Frayne

B.Psych (Hons), M.Psych. (Clinical)

Anna Frayne is a warm and empathic Clinical Psychologist committed to using evidence-based psychological techniques. Anna has experience treating a wide range of issues including stress, anxiety, depression and disordered eating. She has worked in both the public and private sectors with children, adolescents and adults. Anna is passionate about promoting self-compassion and drawing upon individual’s strengths and values to make sustainable, positive change to their lives. Anna has extended her interest in mindfulness by training to become a qualified yoga teacher and currently teaches yoga to children and teenagers in addition to her work as a psychologist.

Anna is fully registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the APS College of Clinical Psychologists. She has training and experience in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET), and mindfulness techniques. Anna is available for private consultation to assist with stress management, anxiety, depression, body-image, self-esteem and self-care.

To make an appointment please call Anna on 0417 881 002 or email her at

Francesca Angelini

Dip HSc(naturopathy), Dip Aromatherapy, Dip RM, Cert reflexology, Lymphatic drainage, Pregnancy massage.

Francesca is a qualified Natural Therapist, Aromatherapist and Bodywork practitioner, specialising in lymphatic drainage detox treatments, reflexology as well as healing and restorative massage and bodywork modalities. Francesca has a wealth of knowledge and experience in natural health and healing, spanning 20 years. Treatments are holistic and intuitive in nature, working in conjunction with mental and emotional patterns at their source to create transformation in health and wellbeing at a core level.

Theraputic practioner grade certified organic essential oils and base oils are used throughout ‘divine light bodywork’ sessions.

Francesca’s passion is working with botanicals, aromas and essences, in creating the alchemic blend that is perfect for you, for harmonising body, heart and soul. Individually tailored aromatherapy products, can supplement your bodywork treatment or made under consultation to work with specific issues and areas of concern...or recommendations can be made from her certified organic range of essential oils and botanical based products, angelini organics.

The aromatherapy and lymphatic detox massages are signature divine light bodywork treatments, wherby we use essential oils, flower essences and vibrational medicine, to acess deeper states of relaxation, deeper cleansing /detox and deal with specific health issues holistically... for a renewed and more empowered you.

Massage is a perfect tool to eliminate stress, tension, pain, and dis-ease in the body, to energise, to sooth the soul, clarify the mind, balance emotional states and promote optimum body functioning. Treatments can be designed to facilitate detox, weight loss, post surgery, pre and post natal support along with array of other health concerns.

Francesca has also worked extensivey with crystal/crystal therapy, vibrational/ energy healing, colour therapy and past life healing, having practised in London, Perth, Melbourne, Byron bay and Sydney. She is available for workshops, consultations, products and massage/bodywork treatments.

relax, destress, unwind in the luxury of a healing nurturing space. choose from an array of modality options.

For booking e:, Mob: +61 410 024 705

Zoe Bosco

Diploma Kinesiology.

Zoe works with the complementary medicine modality of Kinesiology to facilitate healing on a physical, mental and spiritual layer. Using a gentle method of muscle monitoring, Zoe taps into the mind body spirit connection to explore the root cause of disharmony with the intention of bringing her clients back into a state of balance. Weaving a variety a of treatment methods through her healing sessions such as Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy and acupressure therapy, counselling, cranial/structural balance, and energetic healing to name a few, Zoe works to rebalance the energetic system so the innate wisdom of the body can regain a state of harmony and thus the mental and spiritual aspects of self-realign and thrive also. Kinesiology is a holistic approach which can produce great benefits in the treatment of anxiety/depression, stress management, trauma/emotional blockage release, digestive issues, fertility/conception and more.

To make an appointment please call Anna on 0432 650 429 or email her at

Chev Kelly

Diploma Kinesiology.

Chev is a practitioner of kinesiology and intergrated healing. Chev works with her clients to support them through the exploration of their vulnerabilities and fears. Thus bringing them into a space of true self worth and love. Derived from osteo therapy kinesiology is a modality specifically designed to explore and release emotional blockages in the body; thus the person as a whole. Chev encompasses the framework of what she has learnt from her study and practice of integrated healing and kinesiology, as well as her continuous learning of Traditional Chinese medicine; acupuncture.

To make an appointment please call Chev on 0413 425 270

Sanna Purinton

Spirit Conscious Facilitator.

Sanna’s one-to-one Sessions are where her clients truly thrive.

To say that this ability as a facilitator of Spirit Consciousness is innate is an understatement. Sanna’s lifelong, deep, visceral connection with spirit is imbued in every session she embarks upon. Her bloodline had predetermined this exploration and expansion, through her profoundly spiritual shamanic Inca and Mapuche ancestry, through birth she inherited a gift.

Spirit has entwined itself in each undulation of her life, and through this experience Sanna offers her sessions; a way to enrich and facilitate our Spiritual health.

With her assistance and extensive spiritual wisdom, she is able to guide and assist each individual client to embark on their day-to-day urban spiritual path, well-equipped for the journey ahead, assisting them to expand into their true nature. Her gift as an empath assists her clients in offering a valuable road map to their ultimate healing.

Sanna’s extensive worldwide clientele varies from successful business executives, CEO’s, new mothers, creatives, scholars, entrepreneurs, seasoned seekers of Spirit and beginners alike. It is through her own lifelong journey into this work and expansion into Spirit that equips her to assist others on their path. Through her expansive wisdom, she has an ability to guide with compassion and love to greater levels of understanding and awareness. This assists her clients in understanding themselves, their experiences and their path.

The nature of this work is lifelong, many of her clients coming in order to continue their ongoing expansion. It is with this unique approach that Sanna brings a generosity of spirit, transcendent knowledge and authentic connection, so that you too, might expand in the authentic nature of the divine.

To make an appointment please call Sanna on 0416 263 847 or email her at

Maya Ridoux-Sweeney


Homeopathy and Sacred Energy Healing.

My Passion is to guide you towards better health using my unique 'Sacred Healing Sessions' along with your personal commitment to wellness. Ultimately you are the healer and I am here to hold supportive space and share my knowledge, I am here to help you help yourself! Love it!?.

​The fact is my personal journey is not unlike most, full of stresses, maxed out anxiety, holding on to grief and trauma. As a true sensitive and empath life at times feels magnified by tenfold, what I have found is by supporting myself with Homeopathy and Healing throughout my life, I have been able to manage and overcome my hardships without the use of pharmaceutical drugs and find the cause of my issues. This allows me to get to know myself intimately, not always pretty, non-the less I like myself more for it.

​My mother introduced me to natural therapies and it was a staple in my childhood, thanks mum! The desire to learn about the mysteries of plant kingdom and how humans can heal themselves was a natural progression for me. After many years of self-taught discoveries, it was time to learn from the masters. By the time I was 26 yrs old I had a Diploma in body Therapies and my Masters in Reiki and was blessed to be working full time doing what I loved. At age 39 I completed my Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy in 2011 which took my practice to the next level.

The services I offer are a combination of Homeopathy and Healing as I believe that balancing the mind, body and spirit when addressing health issues gives deeper, lasting results and resolves at the cause of the issue. Some common issues I see in my practice, but not limited to are: 







We will discover what your health needs are and realistic outcomes, from here we will decide what combination of healing modalities your needing for optimum results. This can be any combination of Homeopathy, Reiki, Energy Healing, Crystals, Remedies. If you prefer to have a single Homeopathic consultation or Reiki session simply request this.

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If it’s your first time booking with me, I recommend calling first for a free chat, so we can discuss your health needs and best options. Paddington clinic - Book online or call Maya 0415252938 ​Open Hours Paddington

Wednesdays 10am – 7pm

Saturdays 8am – 1.30pm

(Maya is also available for online consultation and Distant Healing)