Pre & Post Cleanse



Once you sign up for your cleanse of choice, we’ll send you a welcoming email with all the information you will need on how to best prepare yourself for maximum benefit. You will be carried right through your cleanse and beyond, with our guidance and support, so don’t worry about a thing.

In order to yield the best results both during and following the programme, you should aim to wean yourself of some of your usual indulgences a few days before beginning. It’s not absolutely essential, and you will still benefit greatly if you simply cannot avoid a wild evening the weekend before you begin …but do what you can.




We haven’t been too specific with this for good reason. How long each of us need varies greatly between individuals. The way you respond physically, emotionally and mentally during your cleanse will depend greatly on your regular lifestyle habits and the way you are used to eating. If your diet usually consists of processed foods, non-organic animal products, alcohol, cigarettes or drugs, then you may want to take 5-7 days before you begin your cleanse to prepare your body.

On the other hand if your diet is largely plant based, perhaps with organic animal protein and a glass of wine now and then, just a day or two might suffice.

Tune in to your body, listen to your own needs, and then decide how long you think you need to prepare.




Breaking your cleanse can require some forward planning to make sure you have plenty of easily digestible, nourishing and delicious options available.

Put some thought into how much and how often you should be eating – we can get a little overexcited after 3-5 days of food fantasies and overeating is common if not properly prepared. Don’t overdo it.

We’ll be sending you plenty of ‘transition’ information; recipes, meal-planners and tips. At Orchard Street we believe the benefits of your cleanse can last as long as you want them to and we are here to help you stay on track.



Weight loss is not something we advertise. While it often occurs as part of a cleanse, it shouldn’t be the sole focus of any dietary regime, particularly not a short-term one.

Perhaps rather than viewing the cleanse as a quick way to shed a few kilos, view it as an opportunity to experience health and vitality, with a good dollop of radiance and a healthy glow on the side!

A cleanse provides our digestive system with an opportunity to heal and rest whilst simultaneously ridding the body of toxins and fluid accumulation. Many toxins are stored in fat cells, so as excess weight drops off this can include the release of many toxins we have been holding onto for some time.

Often we can hold onto excess weight as a result of dietary choices that cause irritation to the digestive system, rather than supporting and nourishing our precious belly.

Weight loss occurs at a rate dependant on our unique genetic make-up, dietary history, fluid balance, hormonal profiles, exercise routine, metabolic rate and toxic accumulation in tissues.

If weight loss is your ultimate goal, allow this to be a transition into a more nourishing and sustainable approach to food where your perfect bodily balance can be found.

Choose not to lose yourself, but to find yourself.



– Take the scale out of the bathroom.

– Tune in to how you are feeling, your energy levels, your state of mind and how much you are glowing. Using this as your measure of ‘success’

– Look at yourself in the mirror with kindness, love and absolute admiration.

– Use natural and delicious body or beauty products… treat yourself as the god/goddess you are.

– Focus your mind on the ‘goodness’ within each bottle, rather than the calories.




Nuts – We can happily make your cleanse nut-free by replacing the last drink of the day with a nut-free option. However our products are all made in the same kitchen, and many of them do contain nuts.

Dairy – Nope. Vegan all the way.

Eggs – See above.

Gluten – Nope. Wheatgrass does not contain any gluten.

Grains – Nope.

Sugar – Only a little fruit sugar, less in the Pure cleanse. No high fructose agave.

If there is anything else, just get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.




The Pure Cleanse is designed just for you.

We do recommend getting in touch for customised cleanse however, as there are some highly effective dietary tools, herbal medicines and nutritional supplements which enable you the best opportunity to rid yourself of the negative health affects of candida for good!




If you like to burn a few calories on a daily basis, and the idea of going without rigorous training for a few days petrifies you… or you simply know you need more energy than is provided by the 6 beverages, please add the Green Remedy and/or the Beetroot Booster shot to replenish electrolytes and offer additional carbohydrates and protein.



Moon days

There is no reason why you shouldn’t do a cleanse during your actual period, as for some it can feel like a time of cleansing. Just take it easy – this is also a time to nourish that inner goddess. A cleanse programme can also be beneficial during your cycle, assisting liver function and balancing hormones.


Before conception, a cleanse is a wonderful way to help the body flush out any nasties and create a precious temple for life to begin. If you are planning on conceiving, we highly recommend a 3-6 month cleanse programme for both partners.

In this programme O st. naturopath and cleanse specialist Kirsten Shanks works in conjunction with fertility specialist and naturopath Tabitha McIntosh to provide you will the very best opportunity for a healthy and natural conception.


Pregnancy is not the ideal time to make any radical changes to your diet, and while our cleanse is nutrient dense it is also very detoxifying, releasing toxins into your bloodstream and breastmilk. Rather than focusing on cleansing now, try to focus your energy instead on nourishment. Adding some of our nutrient dense beverages to your daily diet is a great way to enhance your health.

This the time to nurture yourself with an abundant variety of organic whole foods, from both plant and sustainable animal sources (if that is an option for you). Ensure each meal is full of a range of fresh vegetables, good quality protein and healthy fats and oils. Become aware of adequate intake of Iron, vitamin D, omega 3 and calcium for both you and your baby. This is your time to bloom!

…and breastfeeding

Congratulations on your little bundle of love. As with pregnancy, this is the time to focus on self-nourishment. Producing great breastmilk (up to 1200ml a day) requires additional calories and a highly nutritious diet… see above.

Please get in touch for a consultation if you would like to work together to support you during this precious time.


During The Cleanse




While this is an all-liquid cleanse, it is incredibly nutrient dense – more so than many normal diets. So providing you aren’t exercising excessively without additional recovery beverages, you certainly are not as starving as you may imagine you are.

There are a few things that are good to consider about why you may be feeling hungry;

  • Do you miss the action of chewing?

Rx; Sorry beautiful beaver – I’m afraid its a liquid cleanse!

  • Does your stomach feel empty?

Rx; add 1 tbs of chia seeds to water or your next beverage. Liquids fill your belly too a big mug of herbal or fresh ginger tea might be a good idea. Taking the time to ‘chew’ your beverages helps the belly register fullness

  • Are you bored (i.e., not actually hungry at all)?

Rx; Distraction is key. Find another way to occupy your mind – a brisk walk outside, a chat with a friend, a cup of tea, some deep mindful breathing..

  • Did you drink your last beverage super fast?

Rx; Taking the time to ‘chew’ your beverages helps the belly register fullness

  • Do you feel faint?

Rx; this can be due to a plummet in blood sugars or low blood pressure. Sit down, take a few deep breaths and re-assess.

If you need an instant hit, try some of either some of juice no. 4 or a piece of fresh fruit such as a kiwifruit, some berries or pear.

If you feel you need more extended energy, a low GI option containing some protein and fibre such as beverages no 1, 5 or 6 are optimal. Avocado, young coconut flesh or activated nuts are good solid options here.

If the feeling doesn’t pass after eating or gets any worse, please seek immediate medical advice.




Your call entirely. This is designed to be a liquid cleanse, but this cleanse is for you and no-one else.

If you’re really struggling, and feel you would be able to gain more from the cleanse if you included one of our ‘Little Helpers’ options from below, then please take control of your own wellbeing and do so.

Before you make any rash decisions though, just take a moment to tune in and ask yourself ‘will this make me feel more alive? More vital? Will this enhance my present experience? Will my body thank me for it? If the answers are all an honest yes, see below!




Little Helper Options (all vegan, raw and easily digested) are listed from best choices down;

  1. ½ Avocado- mashed. Add lemon and sea salt for extra minerals and nutrient absorption.
  2. 1 young coconut. Include the flesh if you feel you need it.
  3. ½-1 banana. Mash if you like. Feel free to spice with cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla.
  4. 1 Cucumber – Hydrating and crunchy too.
  5. 1 Celery stalks – Mineral dense and great if you just need a crunch.
  6. ½ Pear – a good low GI and low allergy option. Not so great for FODMAPS.
  7. ½ cup Pineapple or papaya – both are full of lovely digestive enzymes and are rich in phytonutrients and digestive enzymes (fodmaps friendly).
  8. ¼ cup organic sprouts – sunflower, alfalfa, mung bean.
  9. 10 soaked or activated nuts – almonds, brazil, walnuts or cashews. Un-soaked (regular) nuts are not so easy on your digestive tract. You can also blend them with pure water for your own nut milk.



Keep it gentle. Movement is incredibly beneficial to detoxification, as it stimulates the lymphatic movement of toxins, encourages bowel motility and increases your lung capacity, and sweat is very purifying for the skin. However unless you have specified that you have higher energy requirements, the cleanses are formulated for a relatively normal day of energy (6-7000kj).

Body moving ideas;
Walking – from vigorous to a slow mediative; you gauge what you need.
Yoga – gentle forms include hatha or restorative yoga. More dynamic are vinyasa, power and ashtanga.
A good swim- great for lung detoxification too.
Tai chi and qi gong.
Getting your hands dirty in the garden.
A long bush walk.
Some sweet loving
…you get the picture.





Take it easy whenever you can. Sleep at least 7-8 hours, the time before midnight is the most important. Numerous studies have shown the effect of deep rest on our body’s ability to heal and regenerate at a cellular level. Immune and detoxification processes are greatly dependant on sufficient rest.

If you struggle to sleep;
– Herbal support – in the form of teas, tinctures or tablets.

– Bath – essential oils and candles vital.

– Relaxation – yoga nidra and meditation.

– High quality calcium/magnesium complex.

- Journal your thoughts.

– Read something inspiring.




There is fruit in some juices, lemon in others – take care of your precious fangs.
Brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with water after each beverage.
Drinks rich in lemon are best consumed through one of the biodegradable straws we provide.




Please poo. Why is it so important to have regular ‘motions’?
Our colons function as a temporary storing place for ‘digestive waste’. As we are cleansing the body is detoxifying, releasing toxins from storage and processing them for excretion, primarily from the digestive tract (also from the skin, lungs and kidneys).

If waste matter does accumulate in our bowels, there is the possibility of these toxins being reabsorbed back into circulation, which kind of defeats the purpose. So do what you can to ensure things keep moving along nicely!


Why have my motions changed and what can I do about it?


The basic maths; Less solid food = Less fibre (bulk) = less Poo.

  1. Water – you should be drinking at least 600ml between each beverage.
  2. Fibre; chia seeds, flaxseeds and psyllium help to provide a little bulk. Always follow with water.
  3. Sooth; aloe vera and slippery elm- contain ‘mucilage’ properties which act to sooth and heal digestive walls and soften stools.
  4. Exercises, particularly yoga poses, gently using your stomach muscles and twisting can help stimulate peristalsis (bowel movements).
  5. Oils; Chia, flax, coconut, castor, avocado and hemp provide lubrication to your bowels.
  6. Herbal support – mildly laxative teas and tinctures. Exercise caution as whilst they are natural, they can be quite stimulating. Laxatives should not be taken for extended periods as they can have long-term ramifications on bowel health. Please feel free to get in touch for advice.
  7. Colonics and enemas – A classic remedy to physically ‘clean out’ the bowels.



Unfortunately, a cleanse is not always smooth sailing. As your body is given the opportunity and encouragement to release toxins, this can manifest in a variety of pretty uncomfortable ways.

The level of discomfort you feel is generally related to the amount of toxins your tissues are holding onto. As they leave our bodies though our skin, colon, lungs and urine, there can be some initial miserable feelings. Irritability, headaches, fogginess, nausea, skin aggravations and fatigue are common detox experiences. Your body is working hard to move things through. Know that the winds will calm and the sea will settle, and you’ll be basking on bliss island in no time. Aside from trying to maintain a self-loving and accepting mindset, you can;

– Take yourself for a walk
– Enjoy some herbal tea
– Deep breathing
– Skin brushing
– Have a warm bath
– Specific herbal medicines
– Support- Get in touch
– Watch an inspiring film or doco
– Have a relaxing massage
– Ensuring your bowels are moving along nicely will also help reduce detox symptoms




The nature of our relationship with food, alcohol, caffeine and any other habitual substance will often come to the forefront during a cleanse. It is important to know that this is ok, and completely normal. It would be strange to go for so many years of doing the same thing everyday and not be affected by a change to your normal routine.

Some of us may have relationships with food we have struggled with over the years. It is good to acknowledge any thoughts or feelings as they arise, perhaps writing them down or talking to somebody about them. Whilst a juice cleanse can be an opportunity for your mind to rest from thinking about the next meal, it is important to remember it is not a sustainable long-term practise.

Try to become inspired with thoughts about your transition into nourishing whole food eating, with nutritional philosophies to nurture body and soul. Guidance and delicious recipes to inspire you on this path are available from Orchard Street.




There are time when a cleanse just doesn’t do you the good it should.

- If you are underweight.
– If you have advanced cancer.
– If you have an eating disorder including bulimia, anorexia, orthorexia* and binge eating.
– If you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
– If you have advanced kidney or liver disease.
– If you have a nutritional deficiency.
– If you have blood sugar imbalance including diabetes, hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia.
– If you are a under 16yrs of age.
– If you are on prescription medications.
– If you have a medical condition.
– If your doctor tells you not to.
– If you listen within, and feel you may have a reason not to.

*Orthorexia is not a diagnosis, but relates to an obsessive fixation on with healthy or righteous eating. For more information on this and other eating disorders check out;

Please get in touch for advise and/or referrals to health specialists.

Cleanse, heal, nourish and grow.