Our Unique Offerings

Orchard St. is Australia’s only organic, environmentally conscious and holistic juice cleanse.

Our juices are cold-pressed in a temperature controlled environment using simply the best locally sourced produce available and bottled in glass to maintain both nutrient profile and natural deliciousness. The taste speaks for itself. 

Our Raw Food Meals and Treats, Herbal Teas, Elixirs and other Organic Products all stem from a Naturopathic passion to share the true experience of wellness using nature’s finest plant medicines.


No toxins

Orchard Street uses organic produce. This means you avoid the plethora of chemicals found on many conventional fruits and vegetables (which negate the purpose of detoxifying in the first place!)

Greater nutrient profile

Overwhelming evidence shows significantly higher nutritional value in organic produce. In some studies, the levels of specific vitamins, flavonoids and antioxidants have been found to be at least three times higher.

Keep it local

We endeavour to support local farmers whenever possible. Many conventional products are imported from overseas, affecting our local economy and leaving a dirty great carbon footprint on everyone’s rug.


Organic farming methods protect future biodiversity, soil health and greenhouse emissions.


Everything we consume carries either acid-forming or alkaline-forming elements. Most health conditions and cancers are inflammatory and thrive in acidic states. When your body is acidic it will borrow minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium from vital organs and bones to neutralize the acid and remove it from the body.

Creating the correct alkaline/acid balance in your body is paramount to being in good health.

We use Kangen alkaline water in all smoothies and elixirs to ensure all beverages have an alkaline pH for optimal cellular detoxification. The selection of plants for the juices and smoothies offers ultimate alkalising benefits.


All Orchard Street cleanses are 100% raw.

Living energy

Once a plant is harvested, it is still living tissue and can often still be seen to ripen or bloom. Chopping, blending and cold-pressing may alter the ability of the plant to continue to grow, but the cellular composition remains intact – offering cells still brimming with energy and phytonutrients.

Plant enzymes

Plant foods in their raw state contain vast quantities of natural enzymes. Our body naturally produces its own enzymes in order to digest different foods, but the enzymes you find in a plant in it’s raw state are often exactly what you need to digest it; high fat foods such as avocado and coconut contain plentiful fat digesting lipase and high carbohydrate foods such as banana are abundant in amylase for digesting carbohydrates.

When foods are heated and the natural enzymes destroyed, it places an additional burden on your digestive system in order to break down and assimilate the foods.



No bees, no cows and no wombats have been harmed in the making of any Orchard Street beverage.

Australian Natives

We incorporate bush food plants, such as illawarra plums, native mint, sea parsley, finger limes, kakadu plum (gubinge) in our offerings. These are all cultivated by remote Indigenous communities using organic farming methods.

Australian bush foods offer incredibly comprehensive nutritional profiles and encourage awareness of the diverse range of foods we have at our back doorstep.

Wild Weeds

We found a lovely local chemical-free farmer who supplies us with medicinal  ‘weeds’ such as St. Mary’s thistle, dandelion and marshmallow. These exert actions on the organs of detoxification and elimination and offer a host of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals to enhance your health.

Cold Pressed

We use a hydraulic press to slowly extract the juice from our organic vegies. This solid machine slowly presses the produce, breaking down the cell walls to release all of the phytochemicals and nutrients inside, whilst producing minimal oxidation. Check out benefits for more info on the goodness of cold-pressed juice.


Honouring the systemic health benefits of probiotic foods, from digestive balance to immune boosting, we have incorporated fermentation processes whenever possible.

Fermented foods are pre-digested, anti-nutrients (such as phytic acid in nuts) are broken down, the population of gut-friendly bacteria climbs and the range of nutrients significantly increase, making foods more digestible, nutrient dense and belly-loving.

We culture our own kefir, long-soak our nuts for activated nut milk and use fermented supergreens powder …with more in the pipeline!

Right By The Earth

We refuse to contribute to the ever growing plastic island. We use biodegradable products wherever possible, and all attempts have been made to keep our carbon footprint low.


Unfortunately there aren’t any biodegradable cooler bags on the market, so we use insulating straw wool inside recycled corrugated cardboard boxes. Use these boxes to store your empties if you want to return them to us.


The use of glass packaging is better for you (avoiding BPA laden plastic) and the environment. There is enough plastic in our environment without contributing an additional 6 bottles daily!

Once you have finished turning your house into a mini florist, feel free to return your vases to us to be sterilized and re-used.


These enviro friendly lined jute bags made in a fair trade community in India are perfect for carrying your bottles out and about. Slip your ice pack inbetween them to keep them nice and cool, just make sure you pop your bottles back into a fridge as soon as possible. 


You’ll find 100% biodegradable straws daily in your bag. Straws are a good way to keep natural sugars and acidic fruits away from your precious fangs, and also encourage you to sip a little slower. You will however miss out on an attractive green moustache.


Please return any unwanted packaging and we will either re-use it or pop it into the recycling. If you could give bottles a quick rinse after use, we’d appreciate it.

Should you want to dispose of anything, aim for the yellow bins.

Custom Cleanses

Every body is unique and while we have tried to offer a diverse range, not one cleanse fits all. 

We can guide you to create a bespoke cleanse, giving you the chance to choose flavours and medicinal properties to suit your individual health needs.

With naturopathic consultations, you also have the option of high quality herbal tonics and nutritional supplements to enhance your body’s innate cleansing capacity. Learn more here.


We want you to be as informed and supported as possible on this journey, so we will be there to walk beside you.

As health professionals, we place a fair amount of importance on the ‘transition’ periods in and out of your cleanse, from the moment you sign up for a cleanse, we will provide you with guidance and support to make sure you get the best for body and mind.

This site and our blog contains a whole bunch of green health info, and we have so much more to give!

Please get in touch with our support team for guidance, advice or just random health questions. We are here for you.